Open Events

Open Events, for the most part, are non-competitive events that you and your boys can participate in as long as the event remains open. These events are designed to give kids something to do in their spare time (if they have any) and for those who just want to have fun outdoors at their own pace. Some events are limited by age, but most can be attened by all.

Be sure to check the "Honor Chapter" list on this page to see if any of these events go towards Honor Chapter Points.

We invite you to check your Event Schedule or Camp-O-Ree Handbook for times and locations of each of the following events.


Fishing on the Buffalo River can be an exciting way to spend your time. The Buffalo River is known for its smallmouth bass, cousin of the well-known largemouth bass.


Night Hike

What's that noise?! Is that a real bear??!!! These are some of the questions you will hear coming from Camp-O-Ree's "Gawonii Trail", which is Cherokee for "He's Speaking".


Prayer Walk

Dedication to Prayer and Missions is the one key thing that separates Royal Ambassadors and Challengers from other boy's clubs.


Tomahawk throw

The Tomahawk throw is a fun event where boys will be instructed by Tomahawk throwing expert Gene Smith.


Honor Chapter List

Participaiton in the following Open Events count towards Honor Chapter Award